The Holistic Therapies Training Centre is a Mind Body Education licensed training provider, offering the internationally, industry accredited
Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapy training course, throughout Victoria, Australia.


A word from the Director

Facilitating HICAT, Holistic Integrated creative Art therapies has been a wonderfully heart felt journey for me.

I’ve seen students grow and flourish, make great connections with one another and embrace their journey toward Holistic Therapies. 
I feel humbled to facilitate this growth and be a part of their personal journey.

In the classroom our intention is always to keep an open heart and come from a place of compassion and non judgment, I think this becomes apparent very early on and I can see students relaxing into their journey. 

My support teacher and I hold a space that allows fairness, equality, expression and individuality, a safe and respectful space that facilitates learning
and allows students to build confidence and their own style.

My yoga, meditation and holistic counselling background lends a solid foundation to this course. 

Whilst it is essential to get through the course content, we ensure the class energy is light and  enjoyable. 
Students graduate with great skills and are excited to move toward their passion, applying their tools to their new career or to complement their current modalities.

With Love, Dilek





Email: info@holistictherapiestrainingcentre.com
Telephone: 0488 213 339

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